Dance Like No One Is Watching 

So yesterday, I was at home, alone. I was feeling a bit grotty, lethargic and had sat for a while watching TV.  I knew time was ticking on and I needed to get motivated to go into town. So I put on my music and start to get ready. I love music. If someone told me I could only have one luxury in this world, I would choose music hands down every time. I love all types of music from classical when I need some calm to drum & bass when I want to jump around my room. 

Anyway yesterday, I was in the mood for some full out singing (well trying) and a good dance about, so after I was ready I put on my musicals playlist (yes, you read correctly, cool I know) on Spotify and I kid you not, I went from 0 – 100 and danced about for a good half an hour. I was turning, tapping, singing, jumping and at one point I looked so ridiculous I actually made myself laugh (something I do all the time) and I danced like no one was watching, in fact I danced like no one else lived on earth and it felt GREAT! 

I love dancing and I do really miss it at the moment but it was great to just do what I wanted, no matter how it looked and feel the music. At the end I was on such a high, I felt so energised and had such a great day. 

Dance is such an amazing art/hobby/sport/activity …whatever you want to call it. It’s amazing. It releases endorphins, just like any other physical activity but moving and singing to your favourite track you haven’t heard in years just helps you to have that euphoric feeling, which as we all know, feels incredible! Not only this, it gets your heart pumping, your metabolism racing and helps with mental functions. Even if you are just jumping around your room, listening to the music and moving in time with it, is working your brain more than you may think! 

So I’ve decided once a day, no matter when it may be, even if it’s through headphones quietly or full out if I’m alone, I’m going to spend three minutes listening to a great track and dance like no one is watching (even if they are) and I urge you to do the same! Trust me, you’ll feel great!

Life is for living, doing what you love and not really giving a dam about what anyone thinks. As long as you feel good, that’s the most important thing. 

Look out for a random boomerang or video on my instagram in the next few days of me jumping around! 

Have a wonderful day, 

Lauren 💛


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