It’s all about the workout

So today I went to my gym class that I regularly attend, aptly named ‘Work out of the Week’ and today was even more inspiring than normal. 

We usually work pretty hard, whether it’s HITT, TABATA, Body Pump etc it’s always full on. However when we walked into the studio this evening, there was a different kind of workout up on the board. One I haven’t seeen before and its structure is rather different from the other types of workouts I’ve done (and thats quite a few)!

So I have absolutely no idea what this workout is called; my instructor just said he had read about it in a book and decided to give it a go. He couldn’t remember the name either. But have no fear I will just explain how it works…(If you do know what it’s called, please comment below! I’d love to know!) 

This is what was up on the board when we came in:

As you can see there are 3 rounds, all with 7/8 exercises. Each round is focused on an area; R1 – Legs R2 – Arms R3- Core and all are working on cardio as well. 

For the first circuit you have 4 minutes for each round and must complete 5 reps of each exercise (or side) to move onto the next one. You continue to do the same round as many times as you can until the 4 minutes is up. 

You then have a 1-1.5 minute rest, then continuing to do the same reps and length of time on the next two round, resting between each. 

For the second circuit the same structure applies however, you now only have to do 3 minutes each round, but completing 6 reps not 5. 

And finally for the third circuit, you have 2 minutes but must complete 7 reps of each. 

Got It? 

As confusing as it may sound, it’s actually really easy to follow and my gosh does it make you sweat! The class was less that 4 hours ago and I’m already aching! 

This was such a great workout. It was really energising having a change of pace and structure. Making your body work harder in a different way, pushing yourself to get as many rounds completed of a certain area. 

I know we were all on the floor by the end, but once I had recovered I felt AMAZING! 

I was energised, worked, hot, sticky and felt like I’d done myself proud. 

I thought I would share this new, quirky workout with you all and I urge you to give it ago! If you do, please comment below what you thought of it! 

Lauren 💛


Just getting started…

So here I am, after much debate (with my indecisive self) I have decided to start my first ever blog. I have so many experiences and ideas I want to share with you, that at the moment I’m not sure which direction this blog will head in or what I will blog about yet but I’m sure the more I write and as my journey progresses the blog will grow and mould as I do. I’ve never really been one for writing, being dyslexic, it isn’t the easiest of tasks (especially when it’s going on the internet for all to see! Nervous much?!) but a bit of a challenge has never stopped me. I love a challenge! and I’ll never know if I enjoy blogging or what could become of it, unless I give it ago!
So let me introduce myself,
My name is Lauren, I’m 24 and I’m currently living in Western Australia. I flew out on a one way ticket by myself to my wonderful cousin Mark and his girlfriend Jenny. I landed in Oz with no plans, just an open mind and my working visa. I gave up my job as a Professional Dancer/ Dance Captain in the U.K and sold nearly all my belongings, ready to start my Oz adventure. I came out here not only to see and find some amazing places and people but also to find myself. I’ve been a bit lost in the last few years back home and my future has seemed unclear. I felt like I needed a clean slate, to start again with a fresh view of the world.

I’ve now been in WA for 5 weeks and I have to say I feel like I’ve been here at least a year! I’ve accomplished a lot and I feel so at home already that I know I don’t want to leave! In these first 5 weeks I have changed so much within myself. I feel a great sense of calm and I’m very relaxed, a world a way from how I was back in England.
When I was younger I was really into collecting gemstones, astronomy, star signs and all that was ‘spiritual’ (not in the religious sense). I have always believed that everything in the universe is connected and everything emits different ‘energies’ into the atmosphere around it.  I’m a big believer in fate ‘what will be will be’…maybe even ‘everything happens for a reason’ , although sometimes it’s hard to find that reason. Anyway, I lost my spiritual connection for a while in my teen years but when I met an incredible lady just over a year ago, she unknowingly, slowly reconnected me with that world. As soon as we met I knew we would always be true friends. The first Monday I had in Oz, I took the train down to Fremantle where I met up with this incredible lady…the wonderful Jessica Clarke! We had the best day shopping, eating insanely good food, catching up and I even had the grand tour of the cruise ship Jess works on. However this isn’t the reason I’m tell you this story, even though I did have an amazing day. The reason I’m telling you this story is because that day Jess gave me some lovely belated birthday presents, within them was a Hematite gemstone and a little gold feather (which was to remind me to spread my wings and fly). Jess told me about how she’s really connected with her spiritual side and how good energies give back etc..and this is what has sparked my spiritual side back into full whack. I’ve been nonstop researching stars and gemstones, I’ve even had my palm and tarot cards read, as well as getting back into practicing yoga and meditation. And I have to say how amazing I feel, like I said at the start of my post, I have a great sense of calm inside, as well as feeling connected and grounded. I am the happiest right now than I have been in a very long time and I love it. Although I am still no closer to knowing yet what I want in life, feeling happier inside is a great start.

I’m sure throughout this blog I’ll be sharing my spiritual journey with you as well as my journey travelling around Australia and maybe even beyond!
I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, it only took me 5 hours on and off to write! Ha!

I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful day and I’ll be back with another blog soon!

Lauren x

Jessica and I on the ship
Myself, Mark and Jenny enjoying a drink watching the sunset